Saturday, 5 December 2009

Muse at Oslo Spektrum

Amazing stage show

One thing can be said for sure about Muse's live show is that their stage set up for their new tour is spectacular. Each member of the band stands on a pillar that features an amazing light show. Almost that alone is enough to make the show entertaining.

Dom keeping the beat

For me, their older music are the highlights of the gig. Songs like Plug in baby and Newborn are definitely songs that make me wish that that exact moment of hearing that exact song will last forever.

Feeling good

As for the song from their latest album The Resistance, I think the faster songs from the album work a lot better live than the ballads. The ballads from the The Resistance seem to be a bit of a down period of show that is otherwise very solid. The exemption from this would be Exogenesis which fit fit perfectly with the light show.

Matt working his guitar

All through the show though, I kept thinking back to the gig they played at Royal Albert Hall. The gig at Oslo Spektrum definitely wasn't magic like that. Thinking of Megalomania live still bring forth the goosebumps I had that day. The gig in Oslo was great with an amazing stage set-up, but it just lacked a little bit of fairy dust.

I would definitely try on Muse on this tour, if you still haven't. Their crativity stage wise and cracking energy still makes a great live show.

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Gig updates

The Germs at Water Rats
One thing is sure to be said about The Germ's fans; they sure how to make a great mosh pit. The band that play hard-hitting punk seeems to have some hard core fans in London, that made the atmosphere at the gig great.
Pat Smear playing for The Germs

The band put on a good show. Among the punk heads and the large proportion leather in the audience, I somehow got the feeling that I don't fit in entirely.

Maybe not the gig I wil remember years from now, but good none the less.

Note to self: Next time you go to a punk gig, make sure you're punked up!

Eagles of Death Metal at UKA

Eagles of Death Metal proved that it's possible to be "Stuck in The Metal" when they played at the UKA festival in Trondheim.
Storsalen at Samfundet, Trondheim

With an energtic performance and a crowd that almost outdanced Jesse Hughes himself, it was a night of fun and rock n' roll.

Joey Castillo on the drums

A rock night with "boys that are bad news" just have to be one of the perfect gigs to go to.