Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Rachel Yamagata at Water Rats

I was a millimeter from not going to the Rachael Yamagata gig last night because of a throbbing headache. The great memories from the last time I went to the Monto Water Rats to see Jackson United, persuaded me otherwise. I'm glad I went.

Rachael Yamagata has a unique ability to communicate her music. During the ballads, the only sound filling the room was her voice and the piano or the guitar. An intimate venue like Monto Water Rats makes her music come to its right.

The audience was so into it, that it proved to be comedy gold when a bottle fell to the floor and broke the mood for a split second.

When talking about the male musicians in her band, she said "They play chick music." Maybe her music is chick music, but I saw just as many men as women in the audience last night.

Rachael Yamagata has a beautiful voice that suits both the ballads and the uptempo songs. One of the highlights for me was Be Be Your Love. Some of the songs from her upcoming album were also played. If those songs are anything to judge the new album by, I'd say it sounds promising.

At the end of the night my headache was played away by Rachael Yamagata and replaced by a content feeling that I had attended another good gig.

A Rachael Yamagata gig fits like a comfy hoodie that you would very much like to wear on a relaxing night.

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